Tree Services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional tree care and maintenance solutions.


Tree Trimming

Where we take pride in maintaining the health, aesthetics, and safety of your trees.


Tree Removal

We carefully evaluate factors such as tree species, size, health, location, and potential hazards.


Our team of arborists and masons work together to create stunning and functional tree structures.

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Welcome to L&A Tree Service, your premier provider of professional tree care solutions. With years of experience and a team of skilled arborists, we are dedicated to preserving the health, beauty, and safety of your trees and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your property.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and leave you with healthy, vibrant trees that enhance the beauty and value of your property.



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Tree Services

Our professional tree service specializes in the care and maintenance of trees to enhance their health, appearance, and safety. We have a team of experienced arborists and tree care experts who are dedicated to providing top-quality services to our customers.

Tree Trimming

We offer expert tree trimming and pruning services to promote proper tree growth, remove dead or diseased branches, and improve the overall shape and aesthetics of your trees. Our arborists use industry-standard techniques and equipment to ensure the health and vitality of your trees.

Tree Removal

Our tree removal service is dedicated to safely and efficiently removing trees from residential, commercial, and public spaces. Whether you have a hazardous tree posing a threat to your property, a tree obstructing a construction project, or simply need to clear space for landscaping purposes, our professional team is here to assist you.


Our masonry service offers professional and skilled craftsmen who specialize in working with various types of stone, brick, and concrete to create beautiful and durable structures. Whether you need masonry work for residential or commercial projects, our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

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